A queen that stands out from the roses with its pink colour and intense fragrance. The world’s most precious oil that adds beauty to the human soul, energy and skin. We transform our love for roses into natural skin care serums full of energy for your skin with rose petals that we grow in the unique nature of Isparta. As the Zahika family, we want you to experience this invaluable beauty on your face.
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When deciding on your most effective skin care routine, it is very important to know which products should be used together and in what order. For a professional and in-depth skin care, it is very important to apply skin care products in the correct order. With these techniques, the efficiency you get from skin care products increases and you can make a more effective skin care. Washing your face with water is not enough to clean your skin. For this, we recommend that you cleanse your skin using Zahika Rose soap or youth mask that your skin needs according to your skin type. In this way, you can clean the skin from the dirt, oil and make-up residues on the skin and can prepare the skin to get the highest efficiency from the skin care products you will use.
After removing make-up on your face, neck, eye, and lips with Zahika rose water, your skin gets freshness, softness and a smooth glow. The main purpose of this process is to prepare the skin before the nourishing and restorative care we will apply to the skin and to allow the skin to breathe. Thus, your skin looks smoother, and the skin is prepared for long-release skin care. In addition, full rose water balances sebum production and helps shrink pores for natural skin beauty instantly. Zahika's full use of rose water provides immediate and long-lasting comfort, especially for dry skin. With the revitalizing care, it increases the water retention power of the skin to deeply moisturize and repair the different skin layers under the epidermis.
The youth serum contains pure and superior quality rose essential oil, known for its cell regenerating and repairing firming effect with rose extract. It is full of anti-aging active compounds that provide an intense and deep regeneration for a firmer skin. Omega 3, 6, 9 essential fatty acids it contains gives softness to the skin, tightens it, renews it and gives it radiance.
Intensive care application increases skin elasticity, reduces the size of wrinkles and the appearance of depth, the tissues are renewed and the connective tissue under the skin is strengthened and the skin starts to rejuvenate. It contains connective tissue that accelerates the healing of the skin, and special oils and plant extracts that increase cell renewal and synthesis. Capture the enchanting beauty with the youth serum that activates the natural pigmentation of the skin, which helps the skin shine healthily. Nourishing and Regenerating Care moisturizes the skin, reduces aging effects, prevents skin water loss, prevents acne formation, balances sebum production, prevents blemish formation, removes black spots, prevents wrinkle formation, provides long-term firmness, regenerates dead cells, nourishes the skin with vitamins and minerals, strengthens the connective tissue.
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